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ZIBADENTAL Dental Clinic offers the best X-ray and CT techniques in Orihuela Costa

Panoramic radiography

Panoramic dental radiography (orthopantomography) is a radiological technique that shows the patient's bone structures in a single general image. 

Panoramic X-Ray offers us a clear imagen of both the mandibular areas, the teeth and supporting structure.

At ZIBADENTAL we perform all x-rays externally.

Radiografía Panorámica Zibadental


CBCT stands for Cone Beam Computed Tomography, which translated into Spanish would be understood as Conical Beam Computed Tomography. This is a special type of X-ray that produces 3D images of teeth, soft tissues, bones, and nerves in a single scan.

It is frequently used for planning implant surgery, regeneration, endodontics, complex extractions, and detection of oral lesions and sinus involvement. It is so precise that it allows better planning and future treatment success. 

At ZIBADENTAL we perform all x-rays externally.

Lateral teleradiography or cephalometry

Skull teleradiography is a resource used very often by orthodontists to plan orthodontic treatments. And, more specifically, teleradiographies are used to measure both the skull and the rest of the structures of the face: upper jaw, jaw and teeth. Thus, you can study their proportions, angles and distances. With all this information, the orthodontist will be able to draw a cephalometry.

At ZIBADENTAL we perform all x-rays externally.

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