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We look after the oral health of our little ones

Conservative Dentistry is a branch of Dentistry that cares for and treats different oral diseases from early childhood to the end of growth.

With ZIBAKIDS we put our youngest patients first. We want to make them aware of having good dental health.

It is essential to keep the temporary teeth in the mouth of our youngest patients, since they are the guide for their permanent teeth.

At ZIBADENTAL we check, treat and educate our little ones to have good oral health and thus avoid future complications. In addition, we treat ZIBAKID individually, offering distractions during treatment, such as the television that we have on the ceiling so that they forget about what we are doing.

Managing the behavior management of our little ones is very important, so we always apply positive reinforcement, so that they have a good memory and avoid future dental trauma.

Servicio de Odontopediatría en Orihuela Costa Zibadental

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